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Tracking Insider Moves in Realtime

Insider Trading

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How Can We Help You Become A Successful Investor?

90% of retail investors lose money! When we first ventured into the stock market, it was not unusual to make thousands of dollars a day. However, a couple of bad investments took away all the profit accumulated over the years together with half of our principal. We subsequently tried various methods, subscribed to IBD, and purchased analysts reports. Still, we lost more than we earned. We came to the realization that analysts are there to serve their big clients, not the retail investor! This is an analyst's report: The Canadian analyst recommended the stock at $0.64 and gave a 12 month target price of $ 1.30; But it fell to $0.10 a year later!

We found that the retail investor was at the mercy of the stock market predators! If we had not found this secret weapon - inside trading information, we might have vanished from the stock market. After using our own system for half a year, we found that making money in the stock market had never been easier! More importantly, we felt empowered and confident - for the first time! There are still predators, but we are no longer that helpless victim.

Now insider trading information is no longer a privilege of institutional investors, and stable and high returns can also be achieved by ordinary investors. Opportunities are for smart investors.

Each day, InsiderToday analyzes more than 2000 relevant insider filings, intelligently identifies valuable information and delivers this information to our members in real-time. Take advantage of our limited-time offer and sign up for a 7-day free trial. Only $48/year for our Daily plan or $88/year for our Realtime plan! Learn more about insider trading

Main features of our service:

  • Real-time Insider Trading Data

    • From the time the SEC receives the filing to the time the information is available on our website is only a few seconds to a few minutes
    • Reports - You can access various reports updated in real-time, including Largest Market Purchases, Largest Sales, and Largest Purchases by Officers
    • Screeners - You can screen transactions by setting your own criteria, including transaction type, insider type, transaction value, share price, sector, average volume, or ticker symbol

  • Useful Tools

    • Screening agents - You can create agents that detect insider transactions matching your criteria and notify you by email in real-time.
    • Watch-list / alerts
    • Portfolio / alerts

  • Intelligent Data

    • Market purchases, as opposed to private purchases, are identified by our system and highlighted in reports
    • Officers, as an insider category of special importance, is identified and highlighted in reports
    • Six months insider Buy vs. Sell charts
    • Data can be downloaded to your computer (MS Excel/CSV format)
    • Errors in insider filings are spotted and corrected whenever possible

  • Flexible Subscription Options

    • Real-time
    • Daily (end of day data)
    • On Demand

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* This performance summary data includes ALL the open market purchases for the given filing date except: a) if the purchase price was less than $0.3; b) the total transaction amount was less than $10,000; c) the ticker symbol was missing or incorrect so that the historical price data could not be retrieved; or d) the transaction was reported more than 5 days after the trade.

** Based on the closing prices on the last date during this tracking period.
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