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[2005-08-30] I am very excited to let you guys know that I made a 41% profit today on a Canadian stock (BYT) I bought yesterday!

I recently got rid of a long time loser (more on this later) and had some cash so I was looking for a couple of good stocks to buy this week. Last Sunday, I was glad to see you made Canada insider trading info available on your website. It's not that I couldn't find good U.S. stocks based on insider trading data; on the contrary, my stock trading has never been more successful since I started my subscription in early June. Anyway, I spotted BYT using the insider trading based stock screening tool. I noticed two insiders just bought significant number of shares of this stock. Then I did some research on this company including their financials, products, management profiles, etc. It seems to me this small biometrics company has great potential.

Yesterday, I bought it at $1.10 and I set a 50% profit target in six months. But I didn't expect that I would reach my target so quickly! After this morning's news that BYT will supply fingerprint readers to airports across Canada, BYT rose more than 40% today.

In fact, 90% of the stocks I bought on insider trading are winners and my average return is about 20% (only in 3 months!). This is compared to my net loss in the past. The "long time loser" I mentioned earlier has a totally different story. I subscribed to a stock research service Inside Edge provided by Orion Securities (through Etrade Canada) back in March 2005. The subscription fee was $15/mon. I read several research reports written by the "experts". In March 2005, they recommended a Canadian stock XLX as Overweight with 12-month target of $1.3 (XLX traded at $0.64 at that time). I thought this is not bad: 100% profit in a year! So I jumped in at $0.68. But 5 months later this stock lost about 40% of its value. I had to do my own research on XLX. My findings told me I should sell this stock as soon as I get a chance. I took a loss and sold it at $0.40. Today, XLX closed at $0.34. I am so glad that I did what I did! I sold XLX so I was able to buy BYT.

I just want to say thank you guys - you have done a great job!

Julie from Toronto

Webmaster: Congratuations, Julie! Nothing is more rewarding than knowing our members are making money! This may be good news for Canadian investors: insider trading is not widely watched in Canada. In fact, BYT.TO was down 5% following the date the insider trading was reported.

At our request, Julie sent us the Orion Securities report she mentioned. We post it here for everyone to verify. This is a good example that small investors pay analysts $$ to lose money! Also for the record, here is the insider transactions of BYT.

[2005-07-21] I have been very pleased with your service. Since I started using the real-time insider trading informaiton as my stock-picking guide, I have bought a few good quality stocks. They have performed well so far while other stocks in my portfolio have dropped 10% on average this year. Now I kinda set a rule for myself: Never buy a stock unless I see serious insider buying activity...
- Scott, Boston, MA

[2005-06-12] I have made quite a few successful trades since I subscribed to Insidescape. I wish I had found out about your service sooner! I made a big mistake buying JDSU in early March 2005. At the time I didn't know that JDSU top executives were dumping the stock a few days ago - I believe those guys knew it would be another bad quarter for JDSU… Before I bought the stock I did check insider transactions at Yahoo Financial. Problem is the insider transactions on Yahoo's site were a couple of weeks old so I didn't see the latest sales by several JDSU officers, which should have raised a red flag for me...JDSU dropped nearly 10% on earnings release just a couple weeks later! To date, my JDSU value has shrinked more than 25%.
Now I am confident that I can rebuild my portfolio with the help of your service because I already have made a good start!
- Ken, Vancouver, BC

Webmaster: Scott, thank you for sharing your experience. We are always happy to hear about our members' success! Since we provide our members with real-time insider data, you could have avoided the JDSU mistake by doing a company search at InsiderToday website (click here to see the company search results for JDSU). Although insider selling is not always a bearish signal, the JDSU case, where several significant insider sales (and no purchases) occurred in a short period of time and just before the earnings season, should have at least made you stop and think.

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